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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is this People's Car Project?

At first, we set out to design the cheapest car possible, that most anyone can afford. To do so, we wanted to simplify it's design as much as possible. First to go, were some mechanical components, like the transmission and differential. Down went complexity, costs, and weight. It was replaced with 2 electric motors - one on each side of the car, each driving a wheel. More about this later. And to power our 2 electric motors is a few lead-acid batteries that get charged by a generator (engine+motor). We set a cap of $5000, as our target, maximum cost for this vehicle.


What are you going to do with this car?

We will build a Prototype-1. Make a business plan. Show it off. Get government grants, private sponsors and some private financing. Members who help in the development will be offered a chance to participate in ownership. Once the company is formed and financed, we will offer this solution as a kit car that people can order and do some minimal assembly themselves (like put in the engine). We'd like to ship it out as much assembled as possible, to keep things simple for the future owners.


What are the main design elements and components of this car?

A 10hp engine, coupled to a motor (used as generator).

4 lead-acid batteries,

2 electric motors (actually 3 counting the one used for power generation),

4 disk brakes,

2 bucket seats, 1 rear fold-down bench seat, splits 60/40,

aerodynamic aluminum body (we are studying the possibility of recycled plastic panels).


' ' Questions which need answering...


Q: Will this vehicle be required to meet all Safety/DOT and EPA requirements?


Q: If so, how will this be accomplished?


Q: Are we considering a 51% consumer completed (kit) vehicle, which won't be required to meet stringent standards?

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