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Motor Choices

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The motor choices are mostly contrained by three factors.


* The ability to start up a hill

* Cost

* Only having a single speed (there is no gearbox in our design)


Possible Motors




3HP motors that sound interesting, and have very good prices. Much better than expected. Better if a higher voltage controller can be found and what price and hard to start up a hill at full load. Could work with 2 motors if powerful controller can be found.




Looks good, specification wise, but the information doesn't match on the same page! Could be a marketing mix-up though. Too pricey for a $5k car.




Excellent motors that have many long distance records. The same guy designed the Etek for B+S. Too expensive, as two motors with controllers would cost about $5000.




Interesting motors, but have the start up a hill problem with only two. Four of these motors or a transmission could work if priced right.




ADC was the first to make motors for conversion electric vehicles, and still powers most of them. Sold recently to a larger European corporation by D+D below all the larger motors and name. They still sell to EV'ers.




They started ADC, and sold everything but the 6.7" line, which they produce in different lengths and windings to make the motors that are best power, and best cost. Only two are needed and will give rather good acceleration. Mated with an Alltrax controller (http://www.alltraxinc.com/old/products.htm) is the best choice for this project.

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